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Brocade / Fancy Gambeson



Gambesons may be made with brocades or other fabrics (note: durability may be reduced).

See Details for sizing, shipping and other information.

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The prices shown on this website are for reference only and are subject to change due to materials and customizations. Please submit your request for quote to receive a firm quote for price and availability.

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After more than a decade of black gambesons, I finally broke down and made myself an ultra fancy gambeson from a brocade fabric.  This came out nicer than I expected, but it’s only for intermittent use.  The material is not nearly as durable as the heavy denim.  After it’s inaugural use it was already showing wear in the areas where the metal and straps were rubbing all day.  I have broken this out for a couple of other events such as the Combat of the Thirty at Pennsic XXXVIII, but otherwise it’s more suitable as garb.  I had to overlock all the edges as well, so if someone wants something akin to this I have to warn you that it’ll cost more, and not last as long.  But I present it here for any who might inquire.

See Details for sizing, shipping and other information.

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