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Standard gambeson – outer shell is heavy duty denim, cotton felt padding, cotton lining (see complete description below pictures).

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The standard gambeson is constructed from heavy duty denim. Points at the shoulders are visible, points at the elbows aren’t, but they are there.  Similarly the elbow pads are internal.  Fabric covered buttons. Specify requested color (pending availability).

The most durable materials are used to ensure a long and useful life for the garment.  The outer shell is heavy weight denim.  I mostly sell black, but have expanded to other colors including, red, green, blue, gold(yellow), white and purple.  I have also done them in brocade and linen, though both those fabrics require all the pieces to be overlocked/serged.  Brocade is especially susceptible to showing wear very quickly.  I have to charge extra for that, and I can’t guarantee that they’ll hold up to the expected wear and tear like the denim does.  I have also done them in multiple colors, but I’ll discuss that later.

Padding is made of Warm and Natural, a cotton felt used in quilting.  I have done them with moving pads as the padding, but the quality of pads went downhill a few years ago, so I can’t vouch for their materials, but they do make a much stouter garment.

Linings are made out of cotton, a simple layer that is bag lined is put in at the end of the process, so it’s not quilted in with the outer shell and the padding.  The edges are topstitched around the perimeter of the garment to ensure durability.

See Details for sizing, shipping and other information.

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